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Graph of Trump Gains and Fears
Regions where voters have more neurotic personality traits were more likely to vote for Donald Trump in the United States or for the Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom, revealing a new trend that could help explain the rise of fearmongering populist political campaigns across the world, accord
Image of diverse group of people forming a circle
Atlanta, GA - New research shows when it comes to successfully engaging and including minorities in the workforce and schools, organizations need to focus on inclusion.
Image of man and woman debating healthy beverage choices
Four social and personality psychologists will discuss the latest nudges and policies that encourage, or discourage, healthy behaviors in individuals.
Image of young men and women sitting around a table on their smartphones
Atlanta, GA - While “Take your elbows off the dinner table,” is a common refrain for many families, people may soon add, “take your phone off the table” to the list, too.  According to research being presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention, people with sma
Image of two college students reading and working on a laptop in a coffee shop
College roommates are sensitive to their roommate’s distress but tend to underestimate the level of distress being experienced by others, finds a newly published study from New York University psychology researchers.
Illustration of group of people walking in one direction with one individual walking the opposite direction
From job applications to being in line at the DMV, instructions, and the expectations that we follow them, are everywhere.